So why “Generous Marketing”

Ggg  So, you only want generous clients? or generous talent working for you or… You are a generous person? Yes, and yes and…well, yes, I try to be. The heart of my internet marketing company name is a core belief in generosity and abundance. Yes, trendy and in many book titles from the early 90’s but still a good, worthy concept for business owners to remember. I believe if you make decisions out of a position of abundance and therefore the ability to be generous, you will find yourself making good decisions and building great relationships…which at the end of the day is what life is about, no? What do you think life is about? Can business be a part of life that is about good relationships and decisions made from a state of a belief in abundance, not scarcity, generosity, not selfishness and "all about me" and my company growth and positioning? I believe so. What do you think?


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