Great Internet Marketing = Great Direct Response Methodology

There is a fading of "brochure-ware" or 1st and 2nd version "pretty" sites that don’t meet the company’s revenue objectives. CEO’s and CMO’s have signed one too many "redesign" purchase orders without clear revenue increases and this is effecting the demands of web design customers. Aesthetically pleasing visually balanced design and return on investment design are merging, for the good of quarterly objectives.

Sound dry and oh so serious? Well, 100K dollars later with no definitive increase in revenue to the bottom line has become serious and those silly direct response marketers creating those "tacky" ads are being given a pedestal and a microphone. There is nothing wrong with appealing design that doesn’t overwhelm the consumer visually, or alienate an audience segment. Usability and psychometrics are still safe career paths. They just might eventually require a balance of consumer conversion behavior modeling education.

What makes a great direct response web site? Highly tested and refined, high impact messaging and images, clear calls to actions and easy to submit forms.  Here are some sample sites that ranked in the top 25 for September 2007, according to Google, Yahoo and MSN search volume combined – Proactiv Solutions, bare Minerals, Tempur-Pedic, Sheer Cover and Windsor Pilates.

These sites have clear and limited calls to action, images with impact, focused goals and hefty revenue returns. Certainly worth studying how all of us can model after these sites that are working for the agencies that built them and the client’s that they serve. Seen a good direct response site lately? Care to share?

bare Minerals


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