GOOGLE Green-ness = Rant.


Okay, so now Google is on the Green bandwagon. I am all for Green. MediaPost’s article shares the scoop on Google’s recent new
initiative called Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal, (REC) –a set of
strategies and investments to back projects aimed at producing
electricity from alternative energy sources. 

A native of the beautiful Pacific Northwest where some of the most accommodating laws for green-ness exist, I am all for preserving beauty
and corporate responsibility when it comes to the use of our nation’s
resources. I may not be out there hugging a tree or picketing the
corporate misuse or abuse, but if people feel strong enough to make
green-ness their full time ambition, I say "go for it". Okay, here is the
big "however".

However, recently I have noticed online and in advertising in
general, it is difficult to discern sincere concern for green and
blatant "take advantage of the market interest in green by becoming
green". As a business owner, have been tempted myself to color my site
with green concern, but really, I am not recycling yet, although I
intend to build that into my company as it grows. So you won’t see
green on my site, quite yet. Putting my green-ness where my mouth is, I

What’s the point here? Just trying to raise the ethical eyebrow at
all the green rants I see all over the web. That’s all. I hope it is
really for the pandas and not just for the, well, green.

Enjoy your Wednesday – let me know what you think of the green madness.



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