Friendly LeadGen Firms Find Freedom from Free

You’ve seen the ads. You filled out a registration form at your
favorite web site and pop goes a list of offers addressing every ache
and pain and personal issue you have faced in the last 5 years.  You
succumb and check a couple boxes in hopes of getting to the “where do
we send your free IPOD screen”. The problem is, you end up, for the
love of time and money, giving up before you get to that screen. It
takes so many offer responses to get to that screen. That’s
co-registration folks, and it is everywhere and it works, in it’s own
voluminous lead production way.

Pre-checking boxes, free when it ain’t free. Are we surprised that the government finally shook their finger at us? For those of us that have been buying or selling
co-registration advertising, or any online ad that involves an
incentivized filled out lead form, are we really surprised that a
couple of the leadgen companies finally got pounced on for those tricky
“free” signs posted to, flashy items that are not really, errr,
free. MediaPost’s article covers the woes of Florida’s Azoogle and
SanFrancisco’s Adteractive Inc. as they fess up to too much free and a few too many helpful pre-checked response boxes.

First let me say, I love you guys, and I am sorry for your trouble. Had to have been a tough couple weeks.  I love co-registration because the
numbers can work – you can generate real live leads and dollars with
this lead generation method. If people want to fill out layer upon layer of forms online
and respond to special offers until their heart is content, so be it!  I hope when they see my client’s ad they respond to it and buy their product.
Just like any form of advertising, co-registration or “coreg” as us lead
counters lovingly refer to it, has it’s media buyer and consumer hindrances.
But… I did always wonder how these ads got away with “free” when many
of them require the consumer to respond to one and sometimes more of the
offers. I mean enter a credit card and subscribe, or agree to a
membership, or….all to qualify for the “FREE” DVD Player, or “FREE”
trip to Hawaii. This is not free folks.

I think this is a great clean up in our industry that can be more then
a bit lacking in standards,  and pushes the envelope a bit on more then one
front. What do you think?

One thought on “Friendly LeadGen Firms Find Freedom from Free

  1. I agree with Jennifer. Co-reg is a pain to manage on the advertiser side, but I have seen it really work and there are several companies out there that are doing it right. I hate to see an advertising channel that is consumer-directed get so completely beaten up. Nobody is making these people fill out these forms. It’s a free country, people have free time, we’re all for free speech and free love, you can go to Kroger and buy-one-get-one-free, and you can fill out a form online and maybe get something free. And maybe not.
    Regardless, the advertiser’s not shoving it down your throat. This isn’t tobacco and there are more serious issues online – like the world’s oldest profession. I’d like to see somebody really crack down on THAT. And what about the disgusting spam I’m still getting? I really don’t need Viagra, people. I’m a girl. And how about online gambling? Gossip? Slander? Copyright infringement? Those are serious issues.
    That’s what I think.

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