2007 Top 3: Internet Marketing Industry Rant

There are probably as many perspectives on the top 3 happenings in the internet marketing space in 2007 as there are views of the Britney Spears news videos on YouTube. (That poor girl, btw).

However,it is worth pausing a bit to reflect on what media buyers everywhere were effected by in the last year. Things are moving quickly, the good evolving with the bad. Here are some of my thoughts on the matter.

1. Microsoft’s Outlook 7.0 created stress for email marketers everywhere.
By adding the new "preview window" that most users have visible on their Outlook email in-box screens, a "preview" of all but the graphics and images in an email, Microsoft caused some quick re-budgeting and scuffling in email marketing departments everywhere. (elevated blood pressure?)

So, what is the big deal you say?

Well, for the experienced tween or 20-40 something consumer, they right click to download images in an email, no problem. To the older folks in their 60 or 70 somethings, (those of us that market to seniors are passionate here, so excuse the rant) emails became confusing and ineffective. The ones that muddled through the issue may have been quality business but many deleted or did not respond at near the rates they did when the pretty, compelling pictures were easily visible.

Hopefully 2008 will bring increased collaboration between companies that create email clients and the legitimate, law abiding email marketers out there. Consumers deserve decent spam prevention tools, but they also deserve to get the emails they want to receive.

2. Co-registration Got the Big Crackdown
I already posted on this one – so I won’t bore you with the details of that story again. Here it is for you who are dying to get a view. To sum it up, if it ain’t free, don’t lead me to required offers that cost money to get it. It’s that simple.

3. Microsoft’s acquisition of Avenue A-Razorfish – finalized in January 2007.
So now Microsoft is in the search business. I think. And they continue to acquire search businesses hoping this will make them an advertising agency instead of a huge software development company. Excuse the sarcasm, but money just can’t buy you everything. I wish them luck, and a better search engine. The one big problem Steve, is your transition from "Windows, Windows, Windows to Advertising, Advertising, Advertising" has left your Vista users crying out, you guessed it, "Windows, Windows, Windows".Your customer base is a very bad test department. Hire one of those and everyone will be so much happier.

So there you have it, my top of mind, news you can use or misuse highlights from 2007. Care to share yours?


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