Meatball Sundaes

Seth Godin has done it again. There was The Purple Cow (be very different), Small is the New Big (flexibility and growth power of small and nimble entities) and now, Meatball Sundae? If the man has any gifts at all, he has the keen ability to create word pictures that leave you saying "eeeeeewww". If that is a word. You get the picture.

From the guy who coined the term "permission marketing" then wrote a book about it – comes the ultimate dinner disaster – yet ultimate marketing trend warning. A Seth Godin Meatball Sundae is pouring the sauce and meatballs of the new media types, i.e. blogging, wiki’ing, Facebooking, on top of the often over done traditional media methods like TV, direct mail, print advertising.

Media managers do as media managers do, and we all try our best. But, I agree with Seth that you can’t pour the new wine of the internet into the old wineskins of TV, Print and Direct Mail and get anything that tastes as good as say… WineLibrary wines! There is an excellent way to approach and participate in the new media types (and it often does not look excellent by old terms) – a company is better off finding one or two that bring them the desired results then tacking them on the end of the project list and barely resourcing the effort. The nature of blogging, for example is to sniff out companies that do not truly hold the consumer top of mind – so a rushed attempt at blogging consumer warm and fuzzies will not cut mustard with the new media crowd.

Tim Ferris, in Seth’s Meatball book tour podcast uses the example of the corporate CEO who wants to hire a ghost writer for his blog. Missing the idea, Chief. You can’t fake the listening and responding that blogging requires. The idea is to listen and participate in conversations, not do more message blasting based on your company’s values.

The Meatball Book tour podcast is worth the listen, if only to hear 4 social media greats converse on the same subjects. Let me know what you think.


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