Co-registration – Top 5 Survival Tips

Have you ever registered on a site and been offered "special offers" as a thank you? Then co-registration ads are something you are familiar with. A simple yet powerful "piggybacking" sort of ad effort co-registration when placed strategically and priced proportionate to the cost of processing and return, can be a powerful new addition to your online media plan. Posts on Co-registration pop up all over the web with varying points of view. Mostly "be cautious, watch lead brokering and hide from agencies that just don’t seem trustworthy". Here are my top 5 tips on getting the most return from your co-registration ads. 

Solid Creative
Make your banner offer and landing page strategic and compelling, just like any other advertising campaign. Take the time to author solid copy, use an emotionally compelling image and author a set of qualifying questions. Test one version of all three and tweak and re-release your ad.
Effective Auto-Responder
Make sure your auto-responder encourages the responder to call the toll free number provided for immediate assistance. Since co-registration is typically a high volume lead provider, your consumer may not hear from your call center right away. Make sure the responder knows they can call you if they don’t want to wait. Better yet, set up auto response calls from your call center so they are not left waiting.
Call Center Heroes
If you haven’t yet, befriend your call center supervisors and make sure they know the difference between a PPC, web site and co-registration lead. Co-registration leads are notably lower quality then the former so make sure the reps assigned to these leads are prepared for that and are tenacious and "salesy" in their approach to the customer.
Funny Feelings
If you get that "funny feeling" from the agency and you just don’t trust that they are not brokering your ad down to pennies, ask them for additional customer referrals, ask for more information about their process, or switch agencies.  You can also ask for at least "site type" level category tracking. Email me if that doesn’t make sense to you and I will help you make it through that phone call in one piece.
Measure, measure, measure
Like any solid direct response campaign, make sure your reporting requirements are met. You need impressions, clicks, leads from your provider and sales from your internal analytics team. Lots of leads that never close to sale are just that, lots of leads. After 3 months you should know what sites or at least providers have supplied you the most sales and be able to direct them, with the help of your data, to getting more of those leads.

Those are my top 5 for now. Lots of blood sweat and tears over learning those lessons – hope they are helpful. Cheers!

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