6 Quick Fixes to Optimize Site Load Time

Buried in the FAQ section on the Google Adsense site is information pretty key to businesses that depend on their site’s organic rankings. Just when you think you have cracked the code for abundant Google site referrals, you haven’t. I am late to this party, but glad to have arrived at any rate – just google "google and load time"to see what I mean.

So "site load time and efficiency is now "on the Google search engine optimization list". See Google’s information here or ready my quick hit list below to get started.

  1. Delete redirects where possible
  2. Increase image compression
  3. Limit use of frames
  4. Eliminate javascript, global headers & footers where possible
  5. Lessen http requests
  6. Use external style sheets

If any of those are confusing to you or your need development support to accomplish them – call us and we will help you through it.

One thought on “6 Quick Fixes to Optimize Site Load Time

  1. Thanks for the quick tips. As fro Frames, I will not recommend, it should be abandon totally as it add no value to SEO. Because Goolge will indexed different inner frame pages instead of whole site page. JavaScript is one of the heavy in size if your using too many jQury or Prototype without compress them. This is what we recently did to reduce some of the application loading time.

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