Making Friends with Your Email List


Regarding consumer response to email marketing: this report, created by IPSOS, a reputable research firm, indicated consumer opinion and typical actions taken in regards to email they don’t want to receive. More indication of how important it is to build long term happiness and loyalty with your consumer in a number of ways, so they see you as an expert in your industry and welcome your email whenever it arrives.

Consumers have become savvy email users – they know how to manage spam filters across email clients, they favor the ability to easily unsubscribe and are ready to report fraudulent email marketing practices in a flash. The strong point, well taken in this article on the subject is to make it easy for your recipients to unsubscribe if they truly want to, and less easy for them to think of you as spam. How do you do this?


1) Point out your long term relationship with them by indicating prominently in the email marketing piece your first point of contact with them. For example “thank you for registering with our site, or we were happy to provide you the advice you needed”, etc. You get the picture. Remind them, right away and up front of their existing relationship with you.


2) Use other means besides email marketing, to build loyalty with your consumer base. Offer discounts off new product, free beta access, rewards for sharing your products with their friends. If you reach out to them via direct mail, your web site and email, your emails are less likely to appear as spam, and you appear as a friend in your industry, rather then email marketing spamming foe.

3) Avoid spamming your valued customer. Seriously. Frequency is key here. Do not over or incorrectly target email your customers. Once a week is aggressive but you need to do your own testing to determine optimal frequency for your customer base.


Have a spam reputation busting tip to share? Please share!

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