Ad Sales Down, Internet Up

Growth Thanks to all you junctiongen blog readers who stayed faithful to the cause during my hiatus. Typical business owner here trying to stay on top of multiple priorities while the social media world explodes without me, or so it seems. I believe in this stuff, it's scary when your own blog falls behind. Anyway, I'm back, nice to see you again.

Here is an online media set of stats that is fascinating to me. TNS Media published that ad spending in general is down for 2 quarters in a row, 1st time since 2001, yet internet "display" advertising is growing more then ever. I think this is a typo and what is really happening is Internet in general is growing, encompassing all media types especially Google's favorite – search engine pay per click marketing. Does this strike anyone else as a little funny? Surely display is not getting all the growth…and why? From a results standpoint it pales in comparison to PPC, SEO work and the newly growing email marketing. Talk to me people.

Share of Advertising Spending by Media:
First Half 2007 vs. First Half 2006

MEDIA TYPE Jan-June 2007 Jan-June 2006
NATIONAL TV 32.8% 33.1%
MAGAZINES 20.0% 19.1%
NEWSPAPERS 17.8% 18.8%
LOCAL TV 10.8% 11.4%
INTERNET 7.6% 6.4%
RADIO 7.1% 7.3%
ALL OTHER 3.9% 3.8%
TOTAL 100.0% 100.0%

Source: TNS Media Intelligence
Note: The sum of the individual media may differ from total due to rounding



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