6 Reasons to Launch Email Marketing

1. Your customers who love you want to hear from you and what you are up to.
If your branding forms an emotional connection with your audience, as it should your customers trust you and want to share your great products with their friends and family. An email gives them the opportunity to do just that. CAN SPAM law allows  you to email people you have an existing business relationship with  – so what are you waiting for?

2. Your customers said yes to you once, some will again.
Is your product something people need more then once? Or that their friends or family would want? Email marketing is a great way to reintroduce your brand to your buying customers.

3. Cross selling to an existing customer is less expensive and easier then trying to find a new customer.
You have heard that before, but it is true. You have captured their attention once. No need to reach out with ads to gain response. Use the list you already have.

4. You can't afford to not find out what your email marketing opportunity is.
A certain percentage of your email database will respond. Can you really afford not to know what that percentage is?

5. Email Marketing is a basic ingredient of a balanced and effective menu of online media.
Email marketing copy can be built off of the data of pay per click media and visa versa. If they found you on search, why not follow up a week or so later to see where they are in their purchase process?

6. Emailing is on the rise.
There are fewer than 20 million business users of mobile email around the world and thanks to mobile devices, it will hit near 350 million by 2010, a Gartner report published today. Is your message reaching mobile devices?


One thought on “6 Reasons to Launch Email Marketing

  1. This is a ver y good list for someone who is considering starting on Email Marketing. I would add to your third point that Email Markting will be on the rise because of the economic downturn. It is inexpensive, targeted and generates sales from your existing customers as you said with “no need to reach out with ads to gain response”.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to keep in touch with you. I am @katalink on twitter, and if you want to learn more about this social network, visit my post on “Making the Most out of twitter”. http://bit.ly/dt-15

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