The 3 C’s of Thriving Inbound Marketing: Constant Content Creation


If you are on the fast moving train, like most are, to "run into" instead of hunting down, your customers on line, via search engines, viral email, blogs and video blogging, one key is to create a constant stream of meaningful and sales converting content. About your business, your successes, your customers. And of course your great products and why they bring value to your customers. Why? Because blogs, email, and effective web sites that convert traffic require a lot of relevant content. Relevant to the consumer in general, relevant to their point of the buying cycle and relevant to your  industry partners.

Having prospects find you contextually, amidst the sites they are shopping on, the blogs they read, a directory product review or email their buddy sent them, is your goal. The cost and lack of measure-ability of outbound marketing where a strategic but hopeful net is cast into your target market is rising, leading way to the more measurable and frankly often less expensive methods of on line marketing.

Designers who design for conversion and information architects that arrange wording and support knock out copy with keyword strategy in mind are the new marketing group members – agencies that understand the return on every marketing dollar they tell you to spend and stand behind their promise to stop doing things that don't work, even when they love the design and spent lots of time and effort developing it, are the new agency of record.

The challenge is learning where you are in the transition to inbound marketing and getting to the next level at a rational but lucrative speed. Creating the content necessary to feed the inbound machine takes strategy, staffing, a schedule and passion to share about multiple topics relevant to your company in a way and in the place where your best prospects can be reached.

The good news is your company file drawers and on line file systems are full to the brim with traditional marketing content, old TV reels, brochures, holiday content, retired direct mail. Those are the places to start. Resurrect and re purpose content that worked. Even content that didn't – it can be tested on line and retired if is still doesn't work.

You will also need to engage at least one great on line writer, who understands on line content and how it differs from traditional content – to indoctrinate your staff with how to identify content re purposing opportunities, and to coach your copy writers towards the web. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is slamming a bunch of traditional content on their web site and expecting a good response.

Web sites, emails and blogs that convert require content that converts – that has a strategy, organization and changeability. Creating the content is not impossible or terribly difficult, but it does take know how and consistency in approach.

Have an idea to share about repurposing content, or how to most efficiently create a stream of crucial content? Why do some firms quickly make this transition and many don't?

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