Marketing Sherpa provides an analysis: Recession Marketing Spending

I stopped getting Marketing Sherpa email newsletters due to lack of time to read all the rags I was committed to. I focus more on Media Post and Ad Age and never miss my OMMA magazine session – especially for the industry summary numbers. However, Marketing Sherpa research is excellent and always timely. Here is a chart worth a gander.

Long time online marketers have watched this shift for years, Marketing Sherpa articulates the shift to online media with an excellent visual of marketing spending going into next year. Marketers are writing in email marketing, social media, paid search and even online display advertising, replacing more traditional marketing like direct mail and drtv. Chartofweek-11-25-08 

You have heard it before on my blog…but I will say it again…If you are afraid of email due to spam concerns or your online reputation, now is the time to get educated and get started. Paid search and display advertising are measureable legitimate approaches to your audience online. And a recession economy is a great time to risk into new means of generating business.


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