Linked In Cites Aggressive Growth

Though many still scramble to learn and invest time in the social media craze, signs of impending growth and increased consumer involvement with social media are everywere. Linked In, one aggressively growing social media entity cites company growth in the 400-600% range. CEO, Dan Nye is quoted:

Since leaving Advent Software and taking the helm of LinkedIn in February 2007,
the 42-year-old has shepherded growth in all aspects of the service. Membership
has swelled from 8 million to more than 30 million, while the staff has expanded
from 60 to 370 employees.

Wow! That is fast and aggressive growth and only one of many social media companies evolving at that space. I have noticed Twitter, of course Facebook and several aggregated content sites like Digg, Delicious and others – kicking along at a rapid pace as well. Read the full Nye article here.

I find many using social media to find jobs, learn a new technology, make friends, share expertise, buy pets, sell pets, you name it. Though new to Twitter I can see it’s power in joining the ongoing conversations of both professional and personal nature – getting to know people and being ready to call on them or be called on when a business questions surfaces, or when they are in the area and looking for a coffee buddy or someone who knows where the good theatre is.

I am not convinced that Twitter is crucial for a brand, and have not yet conducted business there, but at the rapid growth pace of twittermaven indicates it is worth noting and learning about. Especially if your bottom line is driven by the web and evolving technologies. And if you serve the 20-45 age group – that is who is there and busy “twittering”.  Twittering yet? Have an opinion on the evolving social media giant? Strategies that work? Waste of time? What is social media replacing on your work schedule?

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