Augmenting Paid Search Marketing to Gain Increased Return

For online marketers, Search Engine Marketing seems to lead, and provides the “ultimate” way to get your name out there on the Web. 


A recent article from UK based SEM firm Hitsearch blog states “The Search Engine Marketing market in America is by far the most established and competitive as well as innovative.”

How does this affect us now that we are living in an economic downturn?  Some businesses have confidence that we will bounce back with resilience.  However, others feel that things are bound to get worse before they get better.  Companies are turning to shift spending to measurable methods of advertising. 

John Miller of says in his blog about Strategies for Marketing During a Recession….“Fewer consumers means less demand; less demand means that efforts to stimulate demand (i.e. marketing) are less effective overall. Put simply, when people buy less, advertisers spend less.”


As marketers, how do we encourage companies and small businesses to continue seeing the value of the advertising dollar?  I believe that we need to show them the value by helping them produce results with cost-effective advertising. How cost-effective is Search Engine Marketing? Search is expensive and time consuming and has it really yielded your company many leads?


Truth be told, search does bring in the sales.  But what happened to those leads that didn’t close?


It’s no doubt that search is a major part of marketing, but it doesn’t stand alone.  Putting all your advertising eggs in the “search” basket will not produce a balanced online advertising card, so to speak.  Combining SEO, PPC strategy and email campaigning will provide you with not only leads generated by high visibility, conversions to closed sales, but prospective customers that you can continually reach. 

What does that mean for the marketer looking for a more cost effective way to advertise in this economic downturn?  It means more return on time and dollar investment  – you can gain a better return on the dollars invested in search by using the consumer data gained, especially the unconverted customer data – for email marketing and other forms of advertising.

Email marketing, especially triggered email enables you to work the “longtail” of response by staying in touch with search responders until your prospect closes to sale.

For example, an email newsletter or survey is a low cost marketing tool to reach customers, whether they are among the leads that didn’t close, or return customers.  This method will bring them back again and again to your excellent product and services.

A Business Strata blog on Marketing News says…” An expert has claimed that email marketing is "still an attractive option" for growing businesses looking to promote their work during the economic downturn.

If you sell a product that sells over time, email marketing can grow your business.

If your company sells products that need replacing or services that are ongoing and need repeating, email marketing is a great way to spend your advertising dollars in this economic downturn.


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