Social Media Checklist

So for you “list” people out there, here is a nice new year’s resolution project for you. Well sort of. I would not mindlessly slam through these but they do provide a big picture for what is out there for you to jump into as far as the social media scene. Here they are (with samples of what some companies have done on these sites):


Here’s a framework of 22 tools to consider with notable brand examples:

1. Blogs (Johnson & Johnson, Delta Air Lines)
2. Bookmarking/Tagging (Adobe, Kodak)
3. Brand monitoring (Dell, MINI)
4. Content aggregation (Alltop, EMC)
5. Crowdsourcing/Voting (Oracle, Starbucks)
6. Discussion boards and forums (IBM, Mountain Dew)
7. Events and meetups (Molson, Pampers)
8. Mashups (Fidelity Investments, Nike)
9. Microblogging (method, Whole Foods)
10. Online video (Eukanuba, Home Depot)
11. Organization and staffing (Ford, Pepsi)
12. Outreach programs (Nokia, Yum Brands)
13. Photosharing (Rubbermaid, UK Government)
14. Podcasting (Ericsson, McDonalds)
15. Presentation sharing (CapGemini, Daimler AG)
16. Public Relations – social media releases (Avon, Intel)
17. Ratings and reviews (Loblaws, TurboTax)
18. Social networks: applications, fan pages, groups, and personalities (British Airways, Saturn)
19. Sponsorships (Coca-Cola, Whirlpool)
20. Virtual worlds (National Geographic, Toyota)
21. Widgets (Southwest Airlines, Target)
22. Wikis (Second Life, T-Mobile Sidekick)

Big High 5  (or High 22?) to Peter for compiling this crazy long list.

To save you reading all the comments on his post, most reply with “great list but technology comes after strategy and objectives” which I agree with. These are tools to use to get the well honed tried and true message our there – or to test new messaging, but you can’t just blast out a bunch of presence in social media without a strategy. Although Peter’s point is well taken when he states “Forget divining a big, meaningful business objective before getting started – you’ll end up in analysis paralysis.”

Have a plan, but at some point dive in and start learning by doing this new media type. It’s for the sharer of information and people who want to spread a brand that is worth talking about. Good luck!




One thought on “Social Media Checklist

  1. We have developed a blog platform for the French lawyers ( for the sake of “replacing” an SEO strategy for the official website of the French lawyers.
    Before that, the official web site of the French lwayers was receiving 150.000 visitors per year. Now, with the blog platform, it gets 1.500.000 visitors per year at a fraction of the SEO strategy initially planned.
    So I guess you get my opinion on the (right) use of social media for SEO purposes 😉

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