Internet Marketing Basics: Online PR

An often overlooked search engine optimization technique that is low cost, quite "guerilla", you might say, is running online PR. You can use this technique to build presence online, for the sake of that, or If your company has endured a season of negative press or you have old news to replace with new and more exciting news.  Here are some tips to get your organic rankings teeming with new and exciting news on your company – boosting your reputation and your bottom line. 

1) Look around you for newsworthy happenings in your firm and assign the stories to be written into a basic Press Release format. This is not difficult nor time consuming but having a database of these type of stories on hand is invaluable to your search engine optimization strategy and your online reputation. 

2) Have a public relations consultant or online pr agency review and tighten the stories and run them on the traditional and online media channels like PR NewswireBusiness Wire and

3) Do not use a traditional public relations firm who thinks they understand online PR do your online PR. You would be better off managing the work in house then to do this. 

Why does this work to increase positive reputation of your company? 

Because part of search engine optimization or "gaining organic rankings" on the major search engines is a numbers game. For example, Google will spider and run the latest and greatest rankings on your company, but if only the old stuff remains, that is what is shown as company name search result. So start writing all the good and interesting news. Have fun and let me know how it goes. Here to help if you need some more details. 

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