5 Reasons to Launch Email Marketing Now

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Did you know that 91% of internet
users between the ages of 18 and 64 send or read e-mail
, and an even higher
number of users ages 65 or older do the same? The only other activity to even
approach e-mail’s popularity is using a search engine to find information. Here
are 5 reasons to launch email marketing now:

1.       Email marketing is a basic ingredient of
balanced and effective online media menu.
 Email marketing copy can be built
off of the data of pay per click media and visa versa. Your most successful pay
per click ad may also be your most successful email header or subject line
copy. Email is a perfect way to follow up with paid search responders who have
not yet closed to sale.

2.       Your customers, who know and trust your
brand, want to hear from you.

If your branding has formed and emotional connection with your audience (like
it should) your customers trust you and want to share your great products and
services with their friends and family. And email gives them the opportunity to
do just that, quickly and easily.

3.       Your customers said “Yes” to you once, some
will again.

Statistics suggest that suggestive selling will work anywhere between 58 and 72 percent of the time,"
says Jim Sullivan, chief executive of Sullivision Inc., an Appleton, Wis.-based
consulting company for the restaurant industry. Why would that not translate to
email marketing your loyal customers to up sell them to your other products and

4.       Mailing to an existing list is much less
expensive than building or renting a list.
 The best part about cross selling
and up selling to an existing customer list is that it is much less expensive than
trying to find new customers – use the list you already have to build your
bottom line.

5.       There is a percentage of your list that
will respond.
 Is it .01% .05%? Can you afford to
let your list sit and not earn for you? It may be the asset you didn’t realize
you had.

Th There are dozens of other reasons to launch email marketing – to gain ecommerce product sales, survey your customers for likes and dislikes, provide value add information. Once you dip your toe in the water on this media type you will find your own dozens of ways to add value to your marketing efforts.

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