6 Reasons to Keep or Start Your Email Newsletter

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While rumors of social media threatening email marketing bounce around the web, email  done right, marches on producing leads and loyalty from consumers. Here is where the loyalty comes from and also why you should keep or start your email newsletter. 

1. Email newsletters deliver value add content to an otherwise offer badgered audience. In the "it's all about them" web economy it is crucial to deliver content useful to your audience and completely not focused on your company or its products and services, offers, coupons, you get the picture. For value ad content ideas, sign up for few of your competitors email newsletters and see how good they are at focusing on the needs of their customers, and downplaying their own interests. 

2. Email newsletters are a great environment for offers. (see #1, and then read #2) Your offers should not be the focus of a email newsletter. But, you can test new offers tastefully within and email newsletters. The targeted content of email newsletters offers opportunities to present new offers, in a non pushy manner – right there amongst content that is valuable to your customer.

3. Email newsletters succeed at establishing your company as an expert in your industry. Your customers may buy Widget X from you but do they think of you for expert advice and industry trend information? Email newsletters enable you to build trust and credibility with your existing customers. 

4. Email newsletters are a great vehicile for promoting your key partnerships – interviews with key executives, featured new products and other company tidbits about your partners will educate your customer and help your partner companies. 

5. Last but not least, email newsletters produce great fresh content for your web site – they are easily hosted on your site for revisiting and SEO purposes. 

6. Email newsletters are great viral marketing tools – in other words, if they are well done your readers will forward them to friends and family, file or bookmark for future reference, share on social media networks

So tighten your existing email newsletters with relevant "all about them" content, bright imagery and clear brand messaging. Make sure you include a means to share the content, and a forward to a friend button. Email newsletters done right can build your customer's loyalty and build the value and size of y our email list. 

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