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So the hottest social media tool right now is Twitter. So that is what they say. The growth rate is quite impressive.

So. After much ado, and experimenting, "tweeting" and "retweeting", "deleting", "following", and "unfollowing" – I have a Twitter community that is valid and valuable to my business. I network with others doing what I do, meet potential new clients, exchange services. It is also just a fun part of my day to share newsworthy items, read the same and stay connected to folks across the globe.

Recommend as a must for your brand stability, not yet, think necessary for your marketing team to monitor your competitors and the thoughts of your target audiences, absolutely. (I even hired a cartoonist to lighten up my profile page, take a look) Look for more from "her" later.

So tell me,  I know you have an opinion, what do you think of all the tweeting?

This Post's Header Credit – and check out Siah's free Twitter buttons while you are there. 

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