Email’s Position in the Market – Real Life Thoughts


I called a business I frequented years ago today to ask them to please remove me from their email marketing list. The response I got was enlightening. Here is what I learned:

1. New adapters to online media often start with email marketing. Some would say email marketing is on the way out due to social media's onset. Not true. Online techies and long timers often usher out intellectually what the market is still adapting to. So as far as the salon goes, they have been emailing for a couple years now and still don't understand CAN SPAM or how to manage their email marketing agency.

2. New adapters in email marketing often times do not hire agencies or individuals that manage their email marketing deliverability carefully. This was the ninth time or more that I had asked to be removed from their list via email. There was not an unsubscribe link on the email and I had received 2 emails from them that day!

3. New adaptors to email marketing are at legal risk due to their lack of understanding. The woman that took my call repeatedly said "we have nothing to do with that" as if they did not control who was subscribed or unsubscribed from her company's list. (!) As a courtesty, I explained CANSPAM requires they remove me from their list within 14 days and she said "you are the one that gave us your email address."Scary misunderstanding of the legal risk their company is in emailing cluelessly.

4. Opportunity abounds for solid email marketing companies to help these type of clients. Educating them on the importance of list integrity alone would provide a valuable service.

Had any of these conversations lately? Do share.

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