Marketing Yourself On and Off Line

Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook present opportunity to share your personality, professional and personal interests. Like any presentation of personal information, people will form impressions of you based on what they see and read. It is important to present a consistent, personable yet professional impression online, especially in this season of job hunting, transition and career redefinition. A lack of good information is as bad as sloppily presented information. The web is a casual environment but people are still busy and well written, well organized content will benefit you no matter what your career endeavor or level of accomplishment. Here are a few tips to get your started:

Repurpose your resume content on LinkedIn. I recommend even closely matching your LinkedIn profile somewhat to your current resume, since talent seekers will likely review both. Organized information does not need to be dry and boring. Add your story details like big accomplishments, your passions, and goals in an organized format. Follow the same rules as a great resume, organized, visually appealing and full of action words that spell out your key accomplishments. Since companies are making tough choices in this market include your contributions to the bottom line, percentage of growth your contributed etc. Companies want to hire people who produce results in a tough economy.

Know thy elevator speech.
Common in start up company environments and sales environments I have worked in, as well as amongst professional communicators of all kinds is the “elevator speech”. A company elevator speech, states their company “dna” or “code”. “Here is who we are, in a snappy way so you remember us.” Individuals, present their personal brand. “I am Joe Smith and I love to grow technology businesses. I am looking for sales and account management opportunities in the greater Dallas area.” Wallah! Your elevator speech.

Again, your elevator speech is your 2 to 3 sentence blurb about you, your passion and professional interest. Write one down, try it our on friend and professional contacts and memorize it! It will save you nervous stumbling the next time you meet the VP of Sales of the largest firm in your area in the grocery store line. 

Use New Technolgy to your advantage. A simple video resume is not a tough thing to accomplish. A home type video camera will suffice. Just highlight who you are and what you are looking for, how to contact you. Video presentations gain great results for advertisers, why not use this to your advantage in your job search? 

Spread the wealth. That is the wealth of you. You have great talents and experience to offer. Be generous in the number of postings to your personal and professional online communities. Check out Meetup and Biznik for online communities to support you and attend their local meetings too.  Email your search details and resume to colleagues and former partners. Offer to help them in return. Have fun reconnecting and supporting others in their changes and challenges. When you get stuck, find a colleague to help through their search. The old adage of “what goes around comes around” applies. If you are busy helping others your own best opportunity just may present itself.

If you want assistance in writing or editing your resume or online profiles, want ideas for sites to post on, or just to chat, contact me — I am happy to help. Godspeed and Good Luck!

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