Technie Luggage Tags That Protect Your Identity

I found a cool product through my account on FuelMyBlog called ReboundTAG. It is a micro chipped luggage tag that is inexpensive and easy to use. All you do is order one from their web site, register it online and attach it to your luggage. Since your personal information is stored online, no need to write it on the bag. The tag has a human readable and a bar code readable number on it – so it is easily traced back to you from any country in the world. If your luggage is lost the airline sends you a text, or ships the luggage where you would like, all using your information stored on the ReboundTAG web site. You can even choose to keep your information anonymous so that the retriever of your bag only sends messages via the ReboundTAG web site.

Order any number of tags  – they all come with a 3 year membership. So far, I have not had to retrieve my bags, but it is nice to carry luggage without personal information showing. the other advantage I see is having a back up to the airport's methods of tracking and retrieving luggage. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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