Email Marketing’s Bad Rap?

emailimageEmail marketing gets a bad rap at times from social media gurus as an outdated medium whose retirement has come. Not so fast, I say, especially given some statistics I got from a Twitter buddy today.

Okay, so I will qualify these stats as MailChimp did, with sharing that the data is from their 70% single and 10 employee companies doing email marketing for all kinds of companies. What is certainly not included, is the actual sales results from these emails, which, in my opinion is crucial to the meaning of the data.

So, given what is here, I say email marketers go to church more with their foodie, architect, and photographer friends. Ha! Seriously Рupwards of 30% open rates, (hoping that this is not hugely due to auto open email settings) presents opportunities to get clicks and leads. And hopefully close business. Even more compelling are the click rates. The high click rates point back to food, beauty, videography services and healthcare industry opportunties for testing email marketing.

I would cross compare these stats with other sources, from more corporate, large email campaign data. But there is enough here to compel a test of email marketing if you have not yet tried it.

We all know, getting people to click an email, depending on what you are trying to compel them to do, or tell them about, is not an easy task. It takes copy, image, link, lay out and overall design strategy. So if these industries, even just going by the Mail Chimp data, are indicators for success in these industries, I would say that email is not up for retirement but a promotion.  There are opportunities to communicate effectively via email, whether you are sharing information that is useful to existing customers, or passing a special offer along.

Please post any compelling recent data you have seen for email. I know the regular sources, but thought this one off Mail Chimp sample was interesting. Thoughts?

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