Digital, Traditional, Media, Marketers.

Email, SEO, PPC, site optimization, pay per call, online chat, video, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, content sharing, display ads (yes, I mentioned the dreaded display ads, or banners), text ads, behavioral targeting…oh my…the list goes on and on. How to deploy digital media in a timely relevant manner to my audience. Tell them who we are but not self promote, share a good deal but don’t shove it in their face.

The way I see it there are tools to deploy on behalf of your business, to discover how your audience wants to be reached, communicated with. Believe it or not some people like email. Yep, read it faithfully from company’s they trust. And some CEOs are making time to blog, casually,every day! Amazing! They understand the value of providing human connection and relevant meanderings, to the real people who buy their products. And yes, great bloggers, some anyway, practice tasteful SEO practices!

I guess this is a response I see right now amongst my online comrades, taking allegiances to one side or the other of one of these media types or more. The hard work discipline of understanding the needs of a client, where they are in their adaptation cycle to online media, (yes, some are not doing anything yet, talked to one lately? ) and accommodating their budget, passions, messaging, goals, etc. There is just no way around this. You have to listen, and check your bag of tricks for the tools for the job.

I want to see marketers remain excellent acrobats. The circus, you say? Yes, I think it takes a bit of an acrobatic balance to service clients with the world of marketing tricks in the bags these days. (the list of social media tactics alone must be hundreds long by now) I would like to see marketers remain balanced and strategic, rather then hop on the loudest bandwagon that comes our way. And I say that as an online marketer who has resistance to traditional media but at times admits, it is a better fit then online for certain clients. Sometimes good old fashioned direct mail is the “money on the table” everyone is ignoring.

Okay, stepping down of my bandwagon. What do you think of all this? Where are you in your adaptation? Sold an direct mail/email package lately? Dare I say?

Carry on.

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