Relevant and Timely Pushed Content

People still sign up to hear from companies they like, buy from or otherwise have warm fuzzies about. And yes, they even still sign up for emails and RSS feeds, from them. The sad thing is that many of the companies that run email marketing campaigns abuse the trust that has been placed in them to deliver timely (not too much), relevant content to their audience.

Some of my favorite companies have disappointed me with too frequent emailing, cheesy content, pushy stupid offers. Ouch, I say, they have their TV and Direct Mail act together but hire a digital marketing crew people. This stuff is bad. Anyway, I digress.

With the onset of social media upon us like a tycoon, email and content feeds certainly have their place, but I think that the messaging and strategy (link, list, deliverability, etc.) needs to be that much tighter in the current digital environment. Emails to an internal list need to be relevant & timely. Both take strategy and research but the time spent is not wasted. Get it right for these valuable brand advocates of yours.

Either based on the known interests of pains of your audience, or their known product needs, interests, content in emails that gets opened, read and clicked, is relevant. And it gets there quickly. The article relevant to me is not #6 that I have to click 3 times to find. This takes a list segmentation strategy that works and is constantly optimized. And a constant listening ear to the changing and evolving needs and interests of your audience.

I guess the most common mistake I see here is firms that email me too much. I love my National Home Gardening Club email. Its relevant, timely – once a week, and useful to me as a gardener. It has a handful of articles, colorful, creative graphics and is well organized.

I hate and have unsubscribed from many feeds and email newsletters, most recently a few from individuals digital marketers who were just hounding me with too many emails. I love my feed from @neverstopmarketing. This guy’s posts are interesting, relevant to me as a digital marketing consultant, maybe weekly, and not too long. This guy has interesting gigs and a very blunt style he uses to tell you about them. If he can make his point in 4 sentences, he does.

I know we all have our favorite off the beaten path emails and blogs we treasure. Frequency just right? Right mix of text and graphics? Love the writing style? Have a nugget to share? Please do.

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