White Space Management

I am no business school graduate – sometimes wish I was. But I have had some fabulous mentorship over the years. One boss, fresh out of a Health Care industry debacle, taught me about White Space Management. Heard of it?

White space management is seeing to all those details that flow between the boxes on a process chart; and on an organizational chart, for that matter. It’s easy to think linearly down those diagrams and check off “points of efficiency” in your mind. It’s a whole other game to manage the effectiveness of the process and people relationships in between.

Every organization has worn out processes and procedures. Every department has programs that need to be tested and weeded out if they are not longer relevant to current business goals. I hope your business has grown and changed, evolved. If it has, then your processes, positions, strategies and funding priorities need to follow.

Seems simple, but this in between space is where most organizations are needing the most improvement.

Your production line is on time and efficient in every way. But are the packaging teams reflecting the current product? Do customers benefit from the features you added because of surveys they filled out? Who follows the “added features” all the way to customer satisfaction?

The marketing department launched an online media group that grew like crazy a few years back. But the web and online media have transformed radically since the beginning. Has your team? Is the looming Social Media trend and add on or a legitimate thoughtful “strategy included” aspect of your approach to your market? What needs to be scrapped? Where do those dollars go instead?

Something to think about.


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