Your Blog, Your Test Bed

Testing, testing, testing. 1-2-3.  AB testing, what is a multivariate anyway?  Keyword targeting, keyword strategy, algorithms? It goes on an on. How do small and medium size businesses have time to figure this all out let alone, establish an online strategy and work it on a day-to-day basis. And measure it?

One answer, is to establish a company blog and post to it, at least weekly. Even an inexperienced team can make good guesses at the keywords that prospects are using to find their business type or company on search engines, and those are the keywords you can test by posting to a blog.

Here is a simple way to get started:

1. Pick 10 keywords you think your audience is using to find you or your business type on Think of the conversations you had with your prospects this week, and how they refer to you. What words do they use?

2. Write out 10 blog topics that will focus on those keywords. If they are searching on the name of your city to find you, for example, post on the local Job Fair or other event for one post.

3. Assign a team member to write each post. Remember, no over production here: clear, pithy writing with a punch is required. Not too formal, not too long.

4. Work your plan, post weekly.

5. After 10 weeks evaluate the comments and clicks on the posts.  (Most Blog Tools offer a simple way to check this)  What was hot? What was not? What links worked which did not? (WordPress is hot these days, but TypePad is another Blog authoring tool to try)

This is a fairly simple way to get started in the blogosphere with limited time investment. The next steps include developing a more sophisticated strategy development, more formal keyword research, Google Analytics set up and monitoring to watch your traffic and increasing your posting frequency. More on all that, later.

Give it a try. Your audience and your bottom line may like it.

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