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Coffee time


It sounds much more interesting to write about England, beer in Germany or the new WordPress themes. And yet, I reflect still on what it is I love about digital media – and even the web itself. I know one thing for sure that it’s ability to build instant community and bridges across cultures, color, causes and most other differences, especially intrigues me. The web has also introduced an element of fairness to the commercial world that is surely unmatched. Allow me: Mom down the road can market her product against Target in less than 6 months. 3 months if her friend knows how to build web site. Product and service review boards

Coffee cup

post real live feedback – talk about making  businesses work hard for their money.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who has a brilliant idea for a kid’s product. She says, “Oh, I just need to study my accounting book and watch less TV” (so that she can learn the accounting complexities necessary to run the business model she is facing with fear and trepidation.) To which I replied “Why don’t you just collaborate with another business owner who has faced this model before?” Huh. Her face says.

Enter Google, type search for blogs in this children’s  product category. Peruse sites, ping new friends. Pick up the phone.  She is collaborating and moving forward. Starting something new is never easy, but you have to admit that the web is great fuel to entrepreneurs of all walks. I love it.

I don’t think the web or anything about Social Media will ever completely replace the value of face to face “go have coffee” type social behavior. We need these types of connections. But the web has become a significant and valuable addition to what almost seems like a limited means of connecting now. How did that happen?

Where would we be without it? “Just fine”, you might say. (If you are my 80-year-old mother, God bless her) Or you might say, “completely unfortunate” as would I. Okay, so counting my digital blessings. I wonder where it will take us next? I am in.

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