The Chicken or the Egg? Social Media’s Influence on Your Existing Brand

An example of the share buttons common to many...

I found an interesting article on Social Media worth sharing. It presents a compelling idea: your brand is made up of multiple human interactions with your clients. Social Media does not create a brand, it enhances and strengthens something that already exists, either in glory or dreariness.

In his article “The Achille’s Heel of the Social Media Budget”, blogger Jeffrey Rohrs identifies an opportunity with the travel industry, though there are not many industries it does not exist in, and that is the opportunity to build your brand online on top of existing wonderful customer satisfying experiences. And he suggests, and I agree that you can not create a better brand only by increasing your social media budget. You have to do the whole job of increasing your customer’s happiness. And let that customer experience be the multiple voices across the social media sphere. That is what the powerful influential growth of Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media hang outs are made of.  Joe or Josephine Consumer can be treated poorly at your place of business, be it at a retail outlet or online, and their story is potentially across the web in a manner of minutes. Or better, they are ecstatic and can’t shut up about it.

So all of this suggests, that the real work starts with the “boring basics” of good sales and service acumen. I like what this article suggests: increase a social media budget to empower more people to tell your story across the web. But creating a good story is the real work.

Take a look for yourself. He makes a good point. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.




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