Google Reigns Over Facebook Ad Results. Duh.

This seems a little obvious. Of course Facebook ad results are not what Google’s are. If not only for the simple fact that Google has been figuring out online advertising for several years longer then Facebook. Though much more complex and, Google advertising is still the investment to choose if you are deciding between Facebook and Google.

But, a good advertising plan includes core programs that are tested and true, and test programs — to find the new frontier in opportunity for your brand and products. So I would not avoid Facebook, I would test your brand there and see what the opportunity is.Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising– and Traditional Advertising are all still part of the marketing mix – integrated campaigns, or campaigns with a traditional base, with an online element, say email, are still fun and good to try – you will almost always see a lift in response when you combine multiple approaches to you audience.

So, not surprising news Business Insider – but thanks for the article.

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