The Mommy Kingdom

I swear Mommy Bloggers will rule the world some day. Or at least the web. This gigantic web of blogs is noteworthy.  They likely control at least 2 Trillion, yes, trillion in American‘s purchasing power. So, ready to target them yet?

Working at home, post corporate, mid corporate, with large and small families – with and without a spouse, this purchasing giant is loud and talking – in blogs, and on just about ever major social media channel. Many will blog for free about your product, some have sophisticated press packs and advertising programs. Friendly but knowing their worth they are an aggressive bunch. Think on this for a moment:

According to CBC, “Mothers control over $2 trillion of purchasing power in the U.S.” Serious stuff.

Companies have taken note, especially regarding the ascendance of mom blogs. From CBC:

“Five years ago, toy companies handed out 98 percent of their samples to TV stations, newspapers and magazines. Today 70 percent of those free samples go to bloggers.”

Only growing and becoming more sophisticated Mommy Bloggers are a must have in any marketing mix that sells their products. Or needs them as influencers – which covers an awful lot of ground.


Thank you to Ragan’s PR Daily for the great post on Mommy Bloggers.

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