Edu-Selling Executives on Digital Lead Generation

If you are like me, you have presented to a corporate executive table once or twice in your career, and you’ll know what I mean by “edu-selling”. You know how nerve racking these experiences can be, even if you feel you have over prepared. In the realm of digital marketing and digital lead generation education is the name of the game. Not only because this lead generation type is fairly new, but also because it is a combination of technology and marketing, creating unique complexities.

Leading a multi-media type digital team requires constant educating – up, across and down. If you don’t like simplifying technical information and re-explaining, this role is not for you. And with higher ups, you are not only educating about the latest and greatest digital opportunities – you are selling your supporters on the idea of testing and exploiting what’s new. Takes a long neck and sticking it out, quite often.

What I learned from my days of edu-selling around a corporate table is both obvious and exhilarating.

1. Be over prepared.
More stats then you need, testimonies from the sales team, etc. You can never be too prepared to sing the praises of your latest exploits, valuable team members or your trusted vendors. Make sure that your analytic s team is aligned with at least most of your insignts. You don’t want any surprises at the table.

2. Get to know the folks at the table.
The pre-meetings or hallway conversations you have with the VP of Sales or IT, and the more support they lend you the better. Call these meetings, buy them lunch or invite them to coffee. All of this pre-work pays off in spades as far as support of your projects and budgets go.

3. Love thy Customer Support Leader.
If you are generating leads these leaders know the value of them more than anyone. Make sure they believe in what you are doing and if there have been bad campaigns a discussion has calmed their concerns. You don’t want to hear about a failed campaign in the middle of your presentation boasting your numbers.

4. Provide numbers that are relevant to your entire audience.
The CFO wants to see return. Operations wants to see what your activity is costing his teams, etc. Don’t just think in terms of your team’s goals.

I hope these tips help you prepare for your next executive table presentation. Let me know what your favorite survival tip is.

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