Introducing Digital Girl Friday!


Generous Marketing and Jennifer Norene Consulting have been rolled up in to a new brand – Digital Girl Friday!

Why the Change?

I wanted to take a fresh approach to the changing market, work with some new clients, partner with and get the word out on a few of my digital marketing friends and favorite small companies.

Here’s a quick list of capabilities we have… and then I will let you get back to doing your work.

Digital Marketing Planning

We will get you optimized and formalized in the area of digital campaigns.

Campaign & Project Management

We do the nitty gritty daily creative and copy work of any and all of your digital campaigns, social, web sites, email and mobile!

Content Strategy & Writing

You write, we edit it or we write it you approve it. We are fast and furious at social posting, rewriting web sites, white papers and traditional marketing pieces – even packaging!

Email Marketing

Sleek and punchy post card style or email newsletters.

Our talent quiver is full, so if you aren’t sure “if we do that”, ask us! What are you up to? Would love to hear from you – what’s your favorite work these days? Your puppy’s name?

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